Closing Date for 2016 Applications - 29th April 2016

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Established in 1995 the North of England Excellence Awards recognise organisations that achieve and maintain superior performance.

Organisations entering the Awards receives:

  • Valuable feedback from our Assessor Teams –the basis for a robust and practical business improvement agenda
  • A way of differentiating itself from competitors
  • Enhanced reputation – and external validation of progress on the journey to excellence
  • Detailed benchmarking data – and the opportunity to compare performance with others
  • Widespread recognition and publicity – and stakeholder appreciation of its achievements
  • Positive motivation of employees at all levels

Applicants come from industry, commerce, education, public utilities, local government and the voluntary sector.

The North of England Excellence Award process is founded on the eight Fundamental Concepts of Excellence contained in the EFQM Excellence Model 2013©. Although the Excellence Model is used as the assessment framework applicants need not be using it. What is looked for is a clear demonstration that a structured and comprehensive approach to performance improvement is actively pursued and progress measured. For 2015 the streamlined application process will be centered around a site visit by a team of Assessors, who will base their judgement on what they see and hear. This information is then used to form a comprehensive feedback report. An independent Awards Jury will then decide the Awards to be made.


2015 entrants complete a simple Application Document setting out Key Information, most of which will already be to hand. The Key Information will help the assessors understand what you are all about, and help them plan with you to ensure a successful visit when they come on site.

There is no need to complete a lengthy and complex submission document – after all, it’s only right and proper that the assessors judge you on what they see and hear on the site visit rather than assess you based on how good you are at writing a fluent narrative.

After the site visit, the assessors complete a detailed Feedback Report which is presented to the independent Awards Jury and later provides you with a comprehensive improvement agenda. The Jury decides the Awards to be made and these are presented at the prestigious and highly regarded Awards Ceremony, attended by hundreds of business people from across the region. Special Category Awards For those not yet ready to enter the main North of England Excellence Awards, or who wish to gain recognition in a particular area, we offer a simplified approach through the Special Award Categories:

  • Customer Service Excellence
  • High Growth
  • Innovation
  • International Trade
  • Leadership
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Learning and Development
  • Sustainability

Again, applications are analysed by a team of trained and experienced Award Evaluators who recommend deserving organisations to the Award Jury.