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Executive Coaching Programme

For nearly 25 years NoEE has been building a notable track record working with business leaders from all sectors, and size and across the geography of the Northern Powerhouse.

Using the insights and wisdom gained it has helped companies and individuals to grow through   its suite of coaching programmes: executive / general mentoring & coaching, future leaders and NLP coaching.
What sets us apart is that NoEE coaches have the ‘live’ experience & connections within industry coupled with a strong business-based knowledge, intellectual, commercial and corporate acumen.
Our packages are bespoke, tailored to fit your needs.
"In times of change learners inherit the earth’ while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists." Eric Hoffer

Why would your organisation introduce a coaching programme?

As the demographics of the workplace change, so do the expectations of the workforce and how employees expect to be managed. Greater autonomy at work can often be a starting point for ‘doing more with less’ however, this requires the ability to get the best out of everyone in the organisation.
As a starting point NoEE sets out to understand what problems are trying to be addressed within organisations and what outcomes from the coaching programme would be seen as successful.

Solutions to these may lie in the areas of improved performance, leadership and behavioural change, more effective group and individual communication, improved task competence, on-boarding and the development of leadership capability.

In summary coaching is typically utilised to address gaps in competencies and behaviour or to facilitate growth.

The benefit to the business is that coaching unlocks how individuals see the world and forces them to think differently. It is a tried and tested sustainable method to find answers and solutions through exploration.

We have developed a twofold approach to create a coaching offering;  1:1 Coaching for individuals and a  training programme with a cohort that can lead training within your organisations.

Measurement of the Effectiveness of Coaching Programmes
The types of problems and issues typically addressed by coaching may seem difficult to measure  - it is difficult to quantify the benefits of ‘Improved Communication’ or ‘Giving Effective Feedback’ but if the coaching programme can be tied to the strategic plan and business goals, then it is possible to identify measurable outcomes.