Developing your Leadership Pipeline

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Future Leaders Programme

 One of the North of England Excellence’s (NoEE) key objectives is to support businesses in developing meaningful personal and professional development plans.
As a result NoEE has developed a Future Leaders programme which is around building strong leadership skills and accelerating the development of your high potential leaders through:
  • Demonstrating clear purpose, objectives, vision and values
  • Learning from great role models
  • Training, development, coaching and mentoring
  • Understanding the qualities of excellence in leadership
  • Strengthening participants leadership capabilities
Future leaders will be able organisations to embed cultural change.

Successful outcomes from the future leaders programme for the business would see:

  • Business actively involved and engaged with their teams to unblock barriers
  • Support for your leaders in building sustainable relationships
  • Ensuring shared learning opportunities can be maximised
  • Developing action learning plans on leadership behaviours
  • Promoting great understanding of the roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding the importance of building stakeholder networks

Successful outcomes for the individual would see:

  • Increased confidence in ability and career clarity
  • Development of alternative perspectives and intellectual challenge
  • Widening business networks
  • Opportunity to discuss and unearth own resolutions to tough work challenges and relationships
  • Time out from the day job for critical reflection
  • Personal feedback to help build improved emotional intelligence and self-awareness
It is not about:                    It’s about:
Silo mentality                        Team focus
Independent operators       Relationship building
Gatekeepers                           Networks
Cynicism                                   Understandingstakeholder engagement                                        
Being risk averse and conservative

Why create a future leaders programme?

We live and work in environments where leaders are being asked more and more to deliver positive and powerful impact whilst under pressure and understand and communicate how the ‘bigger picture’ whether public policy, Brexit or Northern Powerhouse influences them. Stepping up into these larger and more serious and demanding roles poses new challenges.

The NoEE Future Leaders Programme inspired by our CEO Andrew Palmer is designed to help transition & fast-track the development of key members of your team into more senior leadership roles.

We work on increasing their commercial awareness and increase self-awareness and leadership impact.    

The programme uses a series of individual coaches that have played a role in corporate life and can bring real life experience and extensive knowledge to give personal insight.

Participants will:

  • deepen their strategic perspective focusing on business planning and strategy and learning how to deliver their company’s strategy
  • develop a more comprehensive understanding of the nature of their career transitions and how to step up and what it means to be a leader.  We review their career plans.
  • be able to make a significant shift in how they act as leaders
  • understand about different stakeholders whether it be SMTs, teams, clients, customers and a focus on increasing their impact
  • understand what lies behind their own personal brand and how to manage impact whilst under pressure as well as lean powerful but simple techniques to maximise their own style and strengths to create effective personal presence. It is about becoming skilled and confident communicators.

What sets us apart?

The programme is 3 days and provides on-going support and the opportunity for further 121 executive coaching.

We introduce each cohort to different business and public sector networks aimed and showing how diversity works and for them to meet with senior business leaders to challenge and support.

There is an element of peer-to-peer coaching. 

Our Future Leaders Programme is led by CEO Andrew Palmer who kicks off the session by sharing his journey to leadership touching on his own experiences, challenges and learnings. The future leader participants will then have an opportunity to pose their questions to him and start the process.

We will then have different opportunities to do the same with other leaders and gain insights. With each session being an informal style and Chatham House rules apply.