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The Coaching Process & Requirements

What would Development coaching for Managers, Team Leaders and Individual Contributors look like?

There are many different models than can be utilised during coaching, typically:

What are the requirements from the Senior Leadership Team in a Coaching Programme?

Coaching is a process that requires a high level of organisational commitment, as the desired behaviours and changes need to be modelled and facilitated by the senior leadership team and in fact, the management team in general.

The desired changes will not become embedded unless the behaviours are highly visible from the top down.

It is also critical that the organisation understands what the expectation of the outcomes of the coaching programme are, and how this will tie to business success. The senior management team are responsible for creating this vision and ensuring that the processes are given the requisite amount of time and attention to be successful, otherwise, coaching is in danger of becoming another management ‘Flavour of the month ‘.

Modelling behaviours and relating the coaching goals to the Strategy and Business Goals, and communicating this through the organisation, makes success more likely as the entire Organisation is invested in a positive outcome.