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Business Excellence Framework

NoEE, in partnership with Tamarind Tree Consulting, has created the Business Excellence Framework as a direct response to the needs of businesses across the North of England. The UK Government’s Industrial Strategy, Northern Powerhouse and the potential opportunities arising from Brexit have implications for the productivity of business in the UK and particularly in the North of England.  Businesses tell us they want help to combat shrinking margins caused by local and global competition, and the need to deliver product and services that create brand loyalty with customers that are efficient and effective in production.

The Business Excellence Framework is designed to assist businesses grow and transform their ability to respond to the needs of their customers. The programme works for smaller growing businesses and bigger businesses wanting to accelerate their growth, and create supply chains that exhibit high quality, dependable supply, whilst remaining agile and responsive to customer needs, with excellence in leadership to their people and customers. 

To ensure that improvements flow all the way to profit, rather than getting lost in the inefficiency of other processes our focus is improving the supply chain, not to chase waste within specific processes. 

It must also be recognised that the focus of this programme is performance improvement. We expect a commitment that no jobs will be lost because of the process improvements identified. 

The purpose of improvement is to create capacity for growth. Employee engagement at all levels is critical to the success of the programme.

The Business Excellence Framework is a practical and effective approach to assess your key processes, creating a standard of customer service that others aspire to it offers a simple staged process.  Continuous improvement is a long-term strategy, designed to improve quality and effectiveness of operations which will achieve reduced lead time, reduced stock, and better customer satisfaction. This combination yields better profit margins, reducing the cash gap, and creating capacity. 

You and your teams will be supported through the whole process by a mentor, who will guide the selection of appropriate tools and techniques to reach solutions based on your customer’s needs, real world experience and the vital few actions required to deliver your business objectives.

The Business Excellence Framework gives your teams a framework within which you can improve your capacity to drive positive change and operate comfortably under any external analysis.

The total programme can be completed within 11 months and includes nine full days NoEE assistance, plus one further coaching/mentoring day to be used at a time that is right for you.

What’s in it for me?

  • Understand your company’s  economic drivers
  • Recognise the benefits that can be gained when focusing on improving material and information flows by reducing overburden, variability, and finally eliminating waste, in that order.
  • Identify employees who can make change happen across normal functional boundaries
  • Engages your employees in taking disciplined action to accelerate the rate of improvement.
  • Identify strengths and opportunities and how to improve on areas that need attention.
  • Engage the whole workforce in improvement on a continuous, daily basis
  • A new management model that focuses on delivering excellence for your customers
  • Creating a new working environment that
  • Places the focus on value not cost
  • Is a learning environment
  • Focuses on delivering outstanding customer value
  • Engages your employees in taking disciplined action, where the process happens, by the people operating the process
  • Share best practice through targeted networking with like-minded business people
  • Train your people in core process improvement skills.
  • Prepare your business for success through structured development of your teams and processes
  • Development of standard work across the whole business, including the management process
  • Delivering critical improvement in your cost base creating the foundation for increased turnover and margin
  • Certification in NoEE Process Improvement core skills