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Champion/Sponsor Training: 1 Day

This training is offered to Senior Managers to learn the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma and create sponsors for an improvement program.  Delegates learn various Lean Six Sigma implementation approaches along with applications of the methodology.  Training for this critical role enables Senior Managers to drive improvement efforts by understanding how to select the right people and the right Lean Six Sigma projects.  A hands-on workshop assists Champions to develop a Lean Six Sigma charter – the first step in solving any organisation’s key business issues.
Who Takes This Course
Lean Six Sigma is for everyone with the ambition to design and manage continuous improvement projects as a project leader. This Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course is suitable for professionals who meet any of the following criteria:
  • Those who wish to manage complex Lean Six Sigma projects
  • Those who wish to manage teams of Green Belts
  • Those with some Lean Six Sigma improvement experience
Learning Objectives
During this training, you will first learn the basics of Lean Management and Lean Six Sigma.  The training then examines your role as manager.  The goal is to prepare you as a manager for any Lean Six Sigma Programme that will be taking place within your organisation.  
  • You will learn how to inspire and support Green and Black Belts in their execution of projects
  • You will facilitate the smooth progress of projects and ensure that the right projects are executed
  • You will be familiar with the standard DMAIC project approach and be responsible for the underlying business case
  • By asking the right questions, you determine the feasibility of every project (throughout its entire runtime) at set stages
  • Changes are realised thanks to a common perception of Lean and Six Sigma shared within your organisation, while the use of the correct means of communication and safeguards ensure that these changes are lasting
Course Topics
  • What is Lean and Six Sigma?
  • Setup of an effective Lean organisation
  • Directing the various role-players (Green Belts and Black Belts)
  • DMAIC project approach
  • Selection of the right projects
  • Safeguarding of changes
  • Creating a culture of constant improvement
NoEE Training
We know that each and every business has their own training needs so we are more than happy to tailor our training to meet your own specific requirements.  Please contact us to discuss this option further. 
In addition, our training can be delivered on your site or as an open course*, please contact us for planned open course dates in 2016.
Contact us at or by telephone on +44(0) 330 123 9799 to book any of our training courses.
* Open courses will only run when we have 6 delegates or more and each Member is restricted to one free place per course.