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FMEA Problem Solving: 1 Day

FMEA Training, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis training will show you how to reduce your organization’s risk of costly mistakes and how to identify potential modes of failure before launching a new product or modifying an existing one.  FMEA is a product development (or process analysis) tool used to anticipate modes of failure and mitigate potential risk.
Who Takes This Course
People involved with product and process development, including product engineering, quality, manufacturing and production areas.
Learning Objectives
FMEA training will cover systematic analysis of the systems to whatever level of detail is required to demonstrate that no single failure will cause an undesired event.
The FMEA training course will assist the attendees with the skills to conduct and complete an FMEA of products or processes along with process, product or service changes and modifications.
The FMEA training is excellent for professionals with any level of understanding of the subject.  This FMEA training course covers the process of conducting system, design, redesign, process, service, and machine FMEAs.  It provides the rationale for doing so.  FMEA training attendees will understand what an FMEA is, the different types of FMEA and how to construct an FMEA.
Course Topics
  • What is an FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)?
  • FMEA key terms and principles
  • Benefits of an FMEA
  • Definition of Failure Modes
  • Objectives of an FMEA
  • Carrying out an FMEA
  • FMEA Standards
  • How FMEA is used
  • FMEA Process
  • FMEA Reporting
  • Evaluating the Effects of each Failure Mode on your System
  • Failure Detection Methods and Corrective Actions
NoEE Training
We know that each and every business has their own training needs so we are more than happy to tailor our training to meet your own specific requirements.  Please contact us to discuss this option further. 
In addition, our training can be delivered on your site or as an open course*, please contact us for planned open course dates in 2016.
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* Open courses will only run when we have 6 delegates or more and each Member is restricted to one free place per course.