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Introduction to Lean Thinking: 1 Day

This course uses the LEAN methodology to show you how to achieve substantial cost savings, free up resources to make your organisation run efficiently and effectively.  The NoEE Introduction to Lean Thinking course is designed so that the content applied to all sectors.  It aims to show you how to improve your organisation’s efficiency step-by-step.
Who Takes This Course
The session will be of particular interest to those in senior roles responsible for operations, financial performance and organisational change.
Learning Objectives
Your organisation needs to be more efficient so it can continue to deliver despite rising costs.  How many times have you thought, ‘We just don’t have the resources”? Or perhaps you’re frustrated because everyone is busy with work that is not achieving results.
This course highlights the importance of being as efficient as you can be by aligning your organisation with the needs and wants of your stakeholders.  You will also learn how to identify which processes are not adding value.
The course will:
  • Give you an introduction to the analysis of Lean and process thinking
  • Help you to identify and eliminate wasteful processes
  • Provide an understanding of how tools such as Lean can be successfully applied to your organisation to reduce response times, decrease costs and increase impact
  • Embed the knowledge of how to manage the change required to implement Lean
  • Provide awareness of the importance of people in Lean projects
  • Share the knowledge of how and where Lean can be used to benefit your organisation
  • Give you an introduction to the concepts of processes vs. departments and process waste
Course Topics
The course topics are as follows:
  • Overview of Lean tools and techniques
  • 8 Wastes
  • Kanban
  • Factory Layout
  • Quality Control - Successive Checking, Source Inspection and Mistake Proofing
  • Process Mapping
  • Planning for Lean and Cultural Change
  • Lean Problem Solving Techniques
  • Bottleneck Management
  • Project Review
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