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Kaizen Improvement Workshop: 2 Days

A Kaizen Improvement Workshop is a focused, intense and short-term project in which a cross-functional team makes rapid improvements in a short period of time.  A Kaizen Workshop normally takes 2 days and the intensity and urgency overcomes the intellectual resistance to a new paradigm as people have little time to think of reasons for delay.  It is common to completely re-engineer a process in any Kaizen Event week.
Who Takes This Course
A Kaizen implementation is applicable to both the manufacturing and service industries including banking and finance, logistics, healthcare, government and public service.  Everybody from any cross functional process can be involved in this training.
Learning Objectives
A Kaizen Event is a great way to show employees who are not confident about continuous improvement that they can make a difference, and can build their confidence to embark on other continuous improvement projects.  A Kaizen Event must be properly planned and executed for it to be successful.
Course Topics
  • Streamlining processes
  • Reducing waste or non-value add activities
  • Reducing cycle time
  • Reducing cost of operations
  • Removing bottlenecks
  • Improving throughput
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Improving productivity
NoEE Training
We know that each and every business has their own training needs so we are more than happy to tailor our training to meet your own specific requirements.  Please contact us to discuss this option further. 
In addition, our training can be delivered on your site or as an open course*, please contact us for planned open course dates in 2016.
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