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Lean for HR: 2 Days

Organisations ranging from hospitals to manufacturing struggle to find sustainable continuous improvement methods.  The complexities and interrelationships of such organisations require that continuous improvement efforts be broad and self-reinforcing.  This need has generated dozens of initiatives from business and academia including the implementation of balanced scorecards, re-engineering, 360-degree performance reviews and Total Quality Management, to name a few.  Most may provide partial solutions to the organisational need for continuous improvement.  With trade barriers, information barriers and cost-of-business barriers dropping, competitiveness is increasing.
Organisations need good products, good brands, good strategies, good partnerships, good people and good financial resources to succeed. In addition, however, an organisation cannot succeed perpetually without continuous improvement—a fact across the board, from manufacturing plants to banks to hospitals to non-profits.  How should an organisation embark on this all-important task? One solution is to transform an organisation using “lean.”
Lean principles and practices revolve around the notion of eliminating waste.  After revolutionising operational functions worldwide for the past 20 years, lean is now rapidly moving into the office support functions including Human Resources.  HR has high impact throughout a company and is a necessary component to build an effective lean enterprise.
This workshop demonstrates how to apply lean principles to internal Human Resources processes to improve how work gets done.  It provides an opportunity for an HR team and their upstream and downstream associates to work together to define which of their current processes are top candidates for improvement.
Who Takes This Course
HR managers and staff, recruiters, benefits experts, business partners, executives, and those driving internal lean efforts.
Learning Objectives
Participation in this workshop will allow you to:
  • Identify new roles for HR to support lean efforts in operations
  • Discern value-adding from non-value adding activities
  • Identify waste and opportunities for waste reduction
  • Apply lean tools and techniques to HR activities
  • Provide flexibility and lean support to the enterprise
Course Topics
  • Lean for HR vs. HR for Lean
  • HR Waste Nightmares and Case Studies
  • Launching Lean HR Goals
  • Workforce optimisation
  • Lean Tools and Techniques for HR
  • Business Process Improvement. What is it?
  • Taking Action/Your Lean Road Map
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