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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: 10 Days

The majority of organisations in this country are faced with the need to drive improvements in productivity, quality and customer satisfaction in order to remain competitive.  Increasingly, these organisations are choosing Lean Six Sigma as the way to achieve such goals.
In becoming Lean Six Sigma Black Belts, attendees will learn how to contribute to and lead Lean Six Sigma improvement teams.  Participants will gain a strong knowledge of how to apply the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology with a primary focus on process mapping, lean tools and methods as well as graphical analysis tools.  Participants receive 10 days of intensive, workshop-focused instruction. 
This class is designed for both manufacturing and service organisations.
Who Takes This Course
Lean Six Sigma is for everyone with the ambition to design and manage continuous improvement projects as a project leader. This Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course is suitable for professionals who meet any of the following criteria:
  • Those who wish to manage complex Lean Six Sigma projects
  • Those who wish to manage teams of Green Belts
  • Those with some Lean Six Sigma improvement experience
Learning Objectives
The 10 day Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course enables delegates to:
  • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs
  • Define an improvement project, based on the KPI’s of an organisation
  • Calculate and validate a business case
  • Use the Lean Six Sigma project structure (DMAIC) to solve problems
  • Analyse data to make fact-based decisions
  • Implement business improvements and set up control charts
  • Inspire others to bring about continuous improvement within their organisation
  • Coach and support Green Belts and team members in their improvement projects
Project experience is often considered of great importance and is highly valued.  NoEE therefore recommend to follow up the theoretical Lean Six Sigma course with a Practical Assignment.  The Practical Assignment consists of the execution of a Lean Six Sigma project throughout which you have an option to receive further coaching from NoEE.  Upon completion of your Practical Assignment you will be awarded a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certificate evidencing both theoretical knowledge of and practical experience in Lean Six Sigma on a Black Belt level.
Course Topics
Tools Covered:
1. Define
  • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  • Important Stakeholders
  • Impact on Stakeholders
  • Critical To X Requirements
  • Benchmarking
  • Business performance measures
  • Financial measures
  • VOC
  • Kano's Customer Satisfaction Levels
  • CTQ Flow down
  • Performance Metrics
  • Project Charter
  • Charter Negotiation
  • Project management plan and Baselines
  • Project Tracking
2. Measure
  • Processes, Process characteristics, process flow metrics, inputs and outputs
  • Process maps and Flow chart
  • Data Type & Measurement scale
  • Data Collection
  • Sampling strategies
  • Fishbone Diagram
  • Relational Matrices or Prioritisation Matrix
  • Basic Statistics
  • Gauge R & R
  • Process Capability Analysis
3. Analyse
  • FMEA
  • The Five Whys
  • Pareto Diagram
  • Fishbone Diagram
  • Pareto Analysis
  • Bar Charts
  • Run Charts
  • Histograms
  • Non-value added activities
  • Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)
4. Improve
  • Mistake Proofing
  • 5S
  • Kanban
  • Standard Operations
  • Cycle time reduction and Takt time
  • Continuous Flow Manufacturing
  • SMED
  • Kaizen and Kaizen Blitz
  • Risk analysis
5. Control
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Other Control Tools
  • Maintain Controls
  • Sustaining Improvements
  • Process Mapping
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Total Supply Chain
  • Lean Six Sigma Logistics
NoEE Training
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