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Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED): 1 Day

Quick Changeover Training, Set-Up Reduction Training
Set-up Reduction, also known as Quick Changeover is a systematic approach that enables organisations to build on the principles of the Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) system to dramatically reduce or eliminate changeover time.  Set-up time is the time elapsed at a work centre from when the last good part of the current run is completed until the work centre starts running the first good part of the next run.  Lengthy set-up times drive optimisation toward a reduced number of set-ups, larger batch sizes and larger buffering work-in-process inventories and poor process flow and performance.
Since set-up activities add no marketable form, fit, or function to the product, they are by definition non-value adding.  By reducing set-up time, more set-ups can be completed each day. SMED allows batch size reduction, which is critical for flow and improves manufacturing flexibility.
This training introduces participants to the tools and techniques of set-up reduction.  
Who Takes This Course
Engineering and Maintenance Personnel, Manufacturing and Production Shop floor Supervisors, Set-up Personnel and Operators.
Learning Objectives
This course will enable participants to:
  • Understand the principles of set-up reduction and SMED
  • Understand the benefits of applying set-up reduction to achieve true flow production systems
  • Understand the different set-up reduction tools and techniques
  • Gain a working knowledge of the tools and techniques to effectively implement set-up reduction through the hands-on workshop
Course Topics
  • Background of SMED
Moving from Batching to Flow Processes
Types of Set-up Activities
Internal Set-up
External Set-up
  • Basic Steps in Set-up Process
Stages of Set-up Improvement
Separating Internal and External Set-up
Converting Internal to External Set-up
Streamlining the Set-up Operation
  • Techniques for Applying SMED
Advance Preparations
Function Standardisation
Implementation of Parallel Operations
Elimination of Adjustments

  • Standardising Set-ups
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