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How to create a successful Learning and Development Programme

August 2017

What makes for a great learning and development programme? I was recently discussing this with the talent manager from a great Yorkshire brand and we agreed and I hope you do too.   We settled on three points:   First, it’s about promoting a culture of... Read more »

Time to invest in talent to create leaders with the confidence to drive growth

July 2017

Our expectations and definitions of leadership are being challenged. For many of us the benchmark on which we have traditionally evaluated leadership has been through occasions of national significance, such as war, when strength of character and resolve are recognisable... Read more »


June 2017

North of England Excellence is urging Northern Powerhouse organisations to make sure they are well-prepared for the changing economy and can mitigate the risks posed by the outcome of yesterday’s General Election. Chief executive of North of England Excellence (NoEE)... Read more »

Executive education: now is the time for new thinking

May 2017

I am frequently asked for my opinion on the relevance of the great management gurus of recent times; characters such as Tom Peters, Jack Welch and the thinking that shaped some of America’s most successful corporates. My view is that although theirs are perhaps... Read more »


May 2017

With news that the UK economy has started to slow, and the ongoing Brexit uncertainty, business owners may be thinking they’re in for a tough year. North of England Excellence’s Andrew Palmer says now is the time for Northern Powerhouse businesses to take action to secure... Read more »

How can you give your people the X factor?

April 2017

What are you looking for in your workforce at the moment? Colleagues who have a breadth of experience, are committed and prepared, have sharp minds and good judgment? Leaders who are self-confident and want to enhance your business through pragmatic contributions to your... Read more »

Can business and higher education work together to mitigate Brexit risks?

March 2017

Collaboration, sharing, learning and adapting are all aspects of what NoEE is all about. One sector which excels in illustrating all of these qualities is our fabulous Higher Education sector. Where this manifests itself so brilliantly in the UK and the north is how our... Read more »

What a strong North means to the UK

February 2017

This week, I was invited to speak at The British Quality Foundation (BQF) Excellence Showcase in Birmingham. It was an honour to attend the event, listening to some excellent presentations from award winners including Marks and Spencer and the University of Winchester, as... Read more »

Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Resilience

January 2017

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘Emotional intelligence’ recently? More than once I suspect. It has become one of those phrases that gets bandied around   so often without a real understanding of how to react.   But what does it mean? EI involves the ability... Read more »

Thoughts for a successful 2017

January 2017

Happy New Year. I hope this year is a successful one for you all. We start where we left off; the Northern Powerhouse is still in a state of limbo; nothing yet been pushed on except for people gathering at conferences and dinners to discuss possibilities. And yet we should... Read more »


December 2016

Next month Hull in East Yorkshire takes the baton from Derry-Londonderry to become the 2017 UK City of Culture.   The programme was inspired by Liverpool’s time as European Capital of Culture in 2008, and cities across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales... Read more »

Lack of urgency?  Create an emergency!

December 2016

Have you noticed that the people who make things happen in this world value and share a similar sense of urgency? Regardless of what people aim to achieve, whether in sport, business or otherwise, those who set themselves apart from the rest maintain a sense of urgency... Read more »

The race to the top of the Northern Powerhouse: you’ve got to be in it to win it!

November 2016

NoEE’s stated objective is to “help organisations improve business performance and enhance the competitiveness and productivity of the Northern economy”. With the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the likelihood of tougher trading conditions for organisations in the... Read more »

World Quality Day - Breaking the Glass Ceiling

November 2016

We so often talk about the glass ceiling, quite rightly, when referring to gender diversity, and we have seen a transformational change in how the  landscape is changing in Boardrooms and with more senior women in leadership roles. But now it is time to break the glass... Read more »

Excellent firms don't believe in excellence - only in constant improvement and constant change

November 2016

Excellent firms don't believe in excellence - only in constant improvement and constant change Organisational Excellence is not easy to define.   Often, we end up with definitions that seem plausible in an academic sense, such as: Being world class... Read more »

Inbox Zero

October 2016

Ah, wouldn’t it be great to leave work at the end of the day with an Inbox Zero?   We could then hit the road home with a clear conscience and have nothing nagging away in our already tired minds.   This is an achievement that so many of us long for but it’s elusive.... Read more »


September 2016

We are extending the deadline for our Excellence Awards to Friday 30 September, meaning there’s just one week to get your entries in.   There are a range of categories to enter including marketing/communications, international trade, customer service and... Read more »

North of England Excellence and Brexit

July 2016

The world is constantly changing. Where and how we do business, and who we do business with evolves over time.   And now, the UK’s Brexit decision will create greater uncertainty amongst organisations about the future for their business – particularly in relation to... Read more »

NoEE Driving the Northern Powerhouse

May 2016

Another busy week for our chief executive Andrew Palmer, including a visit to the Government Office Local Campaigns Team in Leeds to talk about the Northern Powerhouse. Lots more opportunities to highlight the North's outstanding and excellent businesses coming soon! Read more »


March 2016

Our members consistently tell us they value the networking and best practice sharing opportunities we provide to help support their continuous improvement journey. Our Roundtable Event series combines both of these and is always well received.   We kicked off our... Read more »


February 2016

Organisations aspiring to be best in class in the north of England are being encouraged to showcase their achievements in an excellence awards scheme won last year by a world-class manufacturer of medical equipment from Sheffield, JRI Orthopaedics.   The awards, open... Read more »

Why the north needs creative leadership

January 2016

In January 2016, NoE Excellence CEO Andrew Palmer was invited to take part in a Business Insider North West roundtable event, in conjunction with Alliance Manchester Business School. The participants represented a mix of private and public sector organisations, all keen to... Read more »